Andreia Brazier

Watercolour Tattoos in Liverpool

What is a watercolour tattoo?

A watercolour is a tattoo made up of vivid, bright colour gradients. This style of tattoo makes use of a technique which make a more gradual fade out effect of the colours. The end goal with this style of tattooing is to mimic the style of watercolour painting.

Do watercolour tattoos fade?

Yes - well, all tattoos fade. This even includes solid black tattoos as well. If you come to New Dawn Tattoo Gallery, you can be sure the artist is using the correct techniques so that the ink is being put into the skin in the right way which helps guarantee longevity for your watercolour tattoo.

Where can I get a watercolour tattoo?

To book in for a watercolour tattoo in Liverpool, simply use the contact us page on our website to get in touch or message us on social media platforms such as Facebook to book in for your free consultation and proceed further.

Free Consultations

At New Dawn Tattoo Gallery, all of our fantastic tattoo artists offer free client tattoo consultations to ensure you're both picking the right tattoo and artist for you. To organise a free tattoo consultation, simply use the contact us page on our website.