We've always wanted to open our own tattoo studio in Liverpool & now we've done it!



3 Tattoo Artists in Liverpool who were working together knew they wanted their own tattoo studio in Liverpool and decided now was the time! Within 3 months we went from idea to being in our very own studio!

The idea

We have all been involved in tattooing for a number of years now and knew that all we needed was the right location for our clients - then came Cremona Corner!

Our Goal

We want to grow New Dawn Tattoo Gallery to become one of Liverpool's most recognised studios for both tattoos and piercings by putting out the best possible work.

As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye.


Brad Wallis, Natz Coady & Katie Moffat were the team behind New Dawn Tattoo Gallery. They have all been involved in the industry for a number of years and knew they needed their own studio to take their work to the next level. Cremona Corner then came up and it was time to go! Since then, there's been no looking back. We have artists for colour, black & grey and even offer piercings at the studio.



Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.


Couldn't ask for more friendly staff or for better artists, been going to Brad for a few years now and couldn't recommend him enough!

Luke Courtney – Liverpool Tattoo Studio Review